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No5 Jungle carbine (Model by Erazer,sounds by Jay). Finnish M1 Bayonet. Mk2 Grenade (Model by poofoo,sounds by Galahad). BC611 (Artillery strike) (Model by erazer,voices by mozfoo).

Austrian M1867 Werndl bayonet with scabbard (damaged muzzle ring) Fair: $350.00: Austrian Werndl Carbine socket bayonet: Fine: $350.00: Brazilian M1908 mauser bayonet with scabbard and frog, by Coppel: Fine: $85.00: Canadian Spencer rifle socket bayonet: Fine: $375.00: Chilean M1895 Mauser bayonet with scabbard: Very Fine: $100.00: Czech Z26 ...
No5 Jungle carbine (Model by Erazer,sounds by Jay). Finnish M1 Bayonet. Mk2 Grenade (Model by poofoo,sounds by Galahad). BC611 (Artillery strike) (Model by erazer,voices by mozfoo).
Jasa desain packaging. Jasa desain packaging, Dapatkan desain grafis (logo, poster, undangan, kemasan) terjangkau sesuai budget kamu. Terbaik dan terpercaya. Mulai Rp 100rb. Desain Hemat Gak...
Serial # AQ7264. .303 British caliber bolt action rifle with a 20” barrel. The bore is excellent. This is a British Lee-Enfield rifle that has all the hallmarks of a No. 5 Jungle Carbine that was sporterized by Golden State Arms. They went out of business in the late 1960’s. 10 shot detachable magazine.
Service Frogs of the Police shows different shades of brown, black and white. But all are brighter The Luftwaffe frogs in according to the L.Dv. I've never really bothered to look into it, but it occurred to me recently-just Where did the term "frog" come from when it comes to bayonet belt hangers?
M4A1-S | Welcome to the Jungle skin prices, market stats, preview images and videos, wear values, texture pattern, inspect links, and StatTrak or souvenir drops. Description: This custom paint job features ancient iconography and a golden pit viper before a dusk-tinted jungle background.
Snake Eye Tactical Full Tang Heavy Duty Bayonet AR-15 / M16 Knife with Sheath M9 / M1 - Lightning Fast Deployment - Razor Sharp Blade 3.8 out of 5 stars 24 $39.99 $ 39 . 99
MK 1 No. 5 British Enfield Jungle Carbine bayonet with scabbard and web frog, blackened and unsharpened blade marked "R.I.F.", BEW 1943 marked frog with broad arrow. ... [more like this] A lot of four Enfield bolt action service rifles Comprising: 1) No. 1 MK III, sn. 65912, .303 caliber, dated 1918, web sling. 2) Another, sn. 2371, leather sling.
Well finished belt frog in drab olive soft leather. Short tapered sleeve with circular aperture for frog stud. Narrow parallel-sided belt loop with hilt securing strap held in place by large copper rivet.
Lee-enfield No5 jungle carbine*. Luger 08. M1905 RIA Bayonet. Martini henry socket bayonet 1876. Morrocan jambiya brass and silver scabbard.
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  • Elsener schwyz victoria bayonet. CHF. Vetterli konv. Karabiner 1869/71. Ruger PC9 Carbine. Diverse KK und Flobert Gewehre. DPMS AR15.
  • British number 5 bayonet for The Lee Enfield jungle Carbine, manufactured in 1945 by the Radcliffe Company, with a webbing frog and a MK II scabbard. This bayonet is in good condition, however on the spine of the blade is a very small crack, hard to see..The photos are of this item and are a part of this lot. .
  • Designed for use with the British 9mm calibre L2A3 Sterling submachine gun, this bayonet was identical to the Bayonet, No 5 second pattern for the Jungle Carbine with the exception that the overall length of the hilt was some 2mm shorter in the Sterling bayonet and the wraparound wooden grips...
  • The M1 Carbine was never intended for an infantryman on the front lines of battle. It was a weapon meant to be issued to a soldier who would never be It wasn't until 1944 that putting a bayonet on a Carbine was considered. Arguably, it was as useless of an idea then as it would have been earlier.
  • German Bayonet Frogs. Firstly, we have never known why these are called "frogs". Like with most other items, the German military had several different models of carriers for their rifle bayonets. The most typical is the "standard" model. All units of the German Armed Forces used these for personnel...

Our M1 Carbine 10 Round Magazine has been professionally produced to give our customers the finest M1 Carbine 10rd Magazine for the lowest price. Our M1 Carbine 10-Round Magazine is designed to fit, feed, and function 100% in your prized M1 Carbine. We created this magazine to give M1 Carbine...

British Lee Enfield 1907 Bayonet With 1 Mangrovite Scabbard Matching Set 17in. ... Lee Enfield No.5 Jungle Carbine Wood Set ... Bayonet, Scabbard And Frog | No9 Bowie ... 1842 pattern socket bayonet without scabbard. £60 cruciform blade, with a small piece missing from blade (about 1 cm long). Constabulary Carbine Sword Bayonet without scabbard. £275 C.1841. Missing the press stud. (JG)
The M-1905 Bayonet is the core of many bayonet collections. Replicated using an original for authenticity and employing the same materials, this is a collector grade reproduction. Includes early spec scabbard of wood covered in canvas with metal throat and standard canvas Krag-style hanger. Specially designed bayonet adaptor for the secure fitting of light & laser equipment, bipods & any Picatinny/Weaver Rail mounted device. Easy to fit. No Gunsmithing required. CNC machined 6061 aviation grade aluminum. Type II, class III hard anodized. Lightweight.

The Type 44 Cavalry Rifle (四四式騎銃Yonyon-shiki kijū or Yonjūyon-shiki kijū) is a Japanese bolt-action rifle. This rifle is also often referred to as a Type 44 Carbine. Developed from the Type 38 carbine to provide a cavalryman a carbine with a bayonet and not be encumbered with weapons as before the...

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Fazakerley No5 Mk1 Jungle carbine .303British has an excellent bore, this rifle in its past has been re-blued but woodwork in original and very good condition with original stampings. The bolt is not matching to receiver but has been checked for correct head space.Retains original rear Fazakerley No5 sight. Rear rubber butt in perfect condition.