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just ran it with 40 lvl 70's in T4 to T6, don't think anyone there wasn't in full TBC epics, and all were experiance raiders to some degree. at least into 25mans. we cleared the whole thing in about 2 hours, most bosses didn't register as much more than a trash pull in a TBC raid, but the strat intensive fights were still tuff, and we wiped a ...
Nevertheless, this list only used the easiest obtainable sources, so one should have better stats with better drops from 5-man instance bosses or BoP crafted items. Alternative Karazhan Entry Set. This set is put-together-able through 3 - 4 weeks of farming early TBC Dungeons - some of them are boss drops, but many can be badge farmed.
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The Elitist Jerks gear list is a bit more accurate, but I still don't like it because it puts too much emphasis on the set bonuses of T7. I do love the 2 piece bonus, but the 4 piece bonus is rather lackluster and not really worth passing over other individual upgrades for it.
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Either pre-nerf or retail like patches when the content is ongoing or its a no go. And on a retail like content u gear entire guild in month since reaching 80 lvl and in 1 week u progress current content no more than u wait 2-3 months depending on the scripting speed of the devs for new one progress it again with 1 week than ure logging offline ...
Due to the re-occuring threads on the forum asking for this I thought I'd compose a list of gear-suggestions for Pre-Raid protection warriors. The items are listed in order of value meaning higher up the list is better. Some items can be moved up and down the lists depending on other gear choices, def-cap etc.
Ya 1 affliction lock is welcome in every raid because improved curse of elements, -5% physical damage debuff on bosses and bloodpact aura, also they are self sufficient and heal a lot of their own hp with t6 set bonus, life siphon, life drain and healthstones.
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  • 10 votes, 25 comments. I have a pre raid bis list. What I'm looking for is a Bis list by class, by teir. Or one for holy pally would be nice Thanks
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  • I claim: 1. A method of determining the quality of an oocyte in the body of a human without disturbing or destroying the oocyte, the method comprising: (a) obtaining a cell sample from a female subject, wherein the cell sample does not include the oocyte; (b) measuring a characteristic of a gene or pathway indicative of oocyte quality in the cell sample; and (c) predicting or determining the ...

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We'll I got 5/8 T6 atm. But as I balance the stats I usally enchant Agi on back, wep, hands and boots. And 6 all stats on chest an 4 all stats on bracers. But to the gems. I mostly have Stamina. Or I only got stamina right throu my gear. Many Defence and Stamina gems because lack of Defence with T6. But thats one way to keep the balance.The Georgia Historic Newspapers database is a project of the Digital Library of Georgia as part of Georgia HomePlace. The project is supported with federal LSTA funds administered by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Georgia Public Library Service, a unit of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.
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Many people have a tendency to overthink the distribution of their secondary stats. An important thing to remember is that a higher quantity of stats is nearly always better than a better quality of stats. Because of this, wearing higher item level gear with worse stats tends to be better than lower item level gear with great stats.

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